How To Get $1,000,000 Bonus Cash In GTA 5 Online

How To Get $1,000,000 Bonus Cash In GTA 5 Online

last couple of days when there were rumors and reports the GTA 5 was going to become available for free via the epic games store and in case you guys don't know what the epic games store is it's essentially a digital storefront for PC games I'm sure many of you guys are familiar with steam it's just a competitor for that created by Epic Games some titles, launch exclusively on their other titles you can just choose to get on there versus other digital platforms and again there were rumors over the last couple of days that grand theft auto 5 was going to be free and one of the things that the epic game store does every so often is they will make games free and these are oftentimes high profile titles like Just Cause and other triple-a games that are free and what's great about it is if you claim that game for free.
They usually last about a week-long you get to keep it forever. so it's not like once that week period expires the game ends up getting removed from your library no if you claim it for free you get it and you get to keep it forever.

And so over the last couple of days, those rumors and reports started to grow and then it was kind of confirmed a couple of hours ago when this tweet from epic games ended up coming out now I don't think they meant to put this tweet out I think it was supposed to be sort of like a Twitter advertisement but the tweet said get grand theft auto 5 free on PC until May 21st yours to keep forever.

On the epic games store and they included a link to the epic game store where you could get grand theft auto 5 and they even included a small trailer as well that sort of showcased the epic game store in the free game that they were going to be giving away so essentially you've got one week to take advantage of this and this is probably one of the most highly anticipated hyped games that have become available on the epic games store platform.

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Grand Theft Auto one of the most iconic video game franchises and titles of all time and then just a few hours ago at 11 a.m. Eastern Standard Time it was confirmed that Grand Theft Auto 5 was the free game and that's when things kind of got interesting because there was so much hype surrounding this so many players were anxious to get on and get this game that the epic game store ended up crashing and even now when  I'm still getting errors on the site.


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