Snickers have awakened leaked GTA 6

Snickers have awakened leaked GTA 6

Grand Theft Auto enthusiasts believe they may have discovered another GTA 6 teaser concealing in an ad -- however, does Snickers have anything to do with Rockstar Games?

Their fresh picture has emerged online and reveals the classic Snickers bar being hauled up against a blue and pink backdrop that's reminiscent of a Vice City loading display. There's even using the GTA ribbon Nuts City at the left corner -- that has awakened the speculation.

Although Rockstar hasn't verified that GTA 6 is in the works, which has not ceased loyal lovers of this Grand Theft Auto series from looking high and low for any kind of clues.
To ensure that's was not someone playing a key such as some jokesters did use a GTA 6 preview, Redditor TRMTankEngine even got connected with Snickers who affirmed that the ad is actual rather than a bamboozle.

Although some fans may think it isn't a coincidence that Snickers is now the most recent business to utilize GTA Vice City topics in their advertising, other Redditors pointed out they've done like different games such as Skyrim.
Snickers have awakened leaked GTA 6

There were potential in-game signs, in addition to supposed teases which have been staring lovers in the face such as the Super Bowl, and celebrities showing that they have worked on the match -- even supposing their all-new personality's name. It seems like lovers may have seen a teaser in another location.

Whether anything comes in the and GTA 6 has been eventually declared in the long run remains to be seen, but tons of fans will be expecting it links together.


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