GTA Online Peyote Plant glitches are Funny

GTA Online Peyote Plant glitches are Funny

Grand Theft Auto Online lately re-introduced the peyote plant, which makes it possible for players to become a creature for the length of the lifestyle of their character. As gamers have noticed that altering appears to intimidate players of a weapon the addition does not appear to be moving as intended.
Grand Theft Auto Online is approaching its seventh season today, but still shows no signs of slowing down. While enthusiasts await news of Grand Theft Auto 6, GTA Online is populated and sees winnings such as GTA money.

GTA Online Peyote Plant glitches are Funny
After using a stint October for the 2019 Halloween celebration of the game the peyote plant has been inserted back in the game only days before. Reddit consumer and GTA Online participant MutsumiHayase, however, discovered an undesirable side effect of taking a dose of peyote now. They noticed their Navy Revolver had evaporated and checked their stock after finishing their stint for a peyote creature. The participant also noticed that any weapons which were unlocked by hackers appear to disappear upon peyote usage.

Eating the Peyote Plant Will Permanently Remove the Navy Revolver From Your Inventory from r/gtaonline

Why this glitch is currently happening at this moment, it is unclear. Players need to devote money that is in-game or complete missions to weapons, and also the Navy Revolver is different. Some noticed that it might be a boon in disguise Even though this is very likely to be an issue for the majority of players. The Navy Revolver includes. For gamers stuck lugging about they move the Navy Revolver, it may be a relief to get it. It is very likely to be patched in the future, although it is not clear right now if Rockstar Games is mindful of the glitch. The programmer will look at extending time peyote hangs around as gamers that have the Navy Revolver might need to avoid using it before the glitch is fixed, on the map.


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