Grand Theft Auto 5 Actor Speaks Out On GTA 6 Leaks

Grand Theft Auto 5 Actor Speaks Out On GTA 6 Leaks

In an Instagram live video alongside Shawn Fonteno, who uttered Franklin Clinton in the match, Luke has called the men and women who make up rumors about the series, claiming that nobody out of Rockstar itself understands anything.
It is inevitable that we will see another Grand Theft Auto game at some point, if this comes in the form of Grand Theft Automobile or by another name, however over six years later Grant Theft Auto V released, we don't know much about what is coming next. Ned Luke, the actor who portrayed Michael De Santa at Rockstar's GTA 5, has been asked about a GTA 6 for years, and now he has a message for everybody who is buying into rumors concerning the game.

GTA 6 is probably still some time away because nothing was shown as of yet. In any case, GTA 5 is selling in numbers and earning a great deal of cash through GTA Online. In 2018, Rockstar's Dan Houser explained that earning another GTA could be challenging in the present climate. Ned Luke didn't address what is happening with Grand Theft Auto--nor will we expect him.
Rockstar Games recently delivered its workers to work at the house prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.


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