GTA Online is Down

GTA Online is Down

Last week, Rockstar Games ran into a few difficulties with its online services, which makes it impossible for all Grand Theft Auto 5 players to play with the game's favorite GTA Online multiplayer style. It seems those issues have reared their ugly head, as most users are reporting they are not able to find online.

The Rockstar Games server status page states that all providers are functioning normally, however, there are still many that are stating they can not connect. It is possible the GTA Online server problems this week did not last all that long and we're on the tail end of this but that is uncertain at the time of the writing.

Last weekend GTA Online server problems could be explained by host overload. Rockstar Games was conducting a promotion in which it had been giving off $2 million into GTA Online players for free only for logging to the game. But, it was not really supported by Rockstar if this was the matter or not, and it is more difficult to say what might be causing the issues this time around.

Some might remember the GTA Online servers at Grand Theft Auto 5 proved completely inaccessible round the time that the game started, and mercifully, those server problems have been quite modest in comparison to this debacle. As mentioned previously, it appears like the most recent problems are not even necessarily all that prevalent and seem to be getting solved, so fans might even have the ability to log into and play with the time that they read this post.

The issues that this time around also do not seem to have led in all of of Rockstar's services moving down, and that's exactly what occurred last week. So all things considered, it appears that this weekend's difficulties are not quite as bad.

We'll update this post when it is 100% verified that GTA Online along with other Rockstar Games providers is restored.


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