GTA 6 Release Date Given By Ex-Rockstar Games Employee

GTA 6 Release Date Given By Ex-Rockstar Games Employee

Regrettably, the game remains an unconfirmed puzzle, and nothing has offered concrete evidence which the game is in evolution, let alone if it may really be published.

Obviously, this has been one of the greatest questions fans are excited to see a reply. In terms of when precisely that could occur, 1 industry insider says that they understand when Rockstar Games is planning on eventually releasing the match. Unfortunately, if they are appropriate, it means that a bit of an excess wait for those fans.

It is worth noting this is unverified info, exactly enjoy the remaining rumors GTA 6, therefore it needs to be taken with the usual grain of salt. Anyhow, the Daily Star reports that equity research company Jeffries held a discussion with Darion Lowenstein before this past week. Lowenstein is a veteran of several significant game companies, such as Rockstar, and among the key takeaways from his conversation touched upon the match, saying it isn't coming"any time soon."

A few of the more optimistic suspects have pegged Grand Theft Auto 6's launch date as being sometime in afterward 2020, but based on Lowenstein, the oldest fans will expect to see it's no earlier than the exact tail-end of 2021. Furthermore, Jeffries said that Lowenstein shot down other rumors asserting a trailer for the game may fall when February.

"As a former Rockstar worker, Darion noted the Houser brothers put all their focus on sport quality instead of hitting on a deadline," that a Jeffries press release stated. "His complete best-case-scenario to get a matching launch is Holiday 2021, however, he doesn't anticipate an announcement/trailer anytime soon."

Even though a Holiday 2021 launching window fits up with what has been maintained by other people who have worked on the franchise earlier, it is just as possible that GTA 6 will not probably release at the time. In any scenario, it appears fans might need to keep waiting regardless of what before they can receive something more than rumors.


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